Giving back

Supporting trail projects across Canada

We’ve seen firsthand how hard trail volunteers work. Whether they’re wading through the required paperwork, cleaning up after a storm, creating new trails, rerouting existing ones, or carrying out ongoing maintenance and improvements, it’s incredible how many hours are invested in trails across Canada.

And beyond the time commitment, trailwork isn’t free. There’s wear and tear on personal vehicles, tools and machinery to carry out the necessary work, materials for bridges and boardwalks, and even proper rain and outdoor gear to ensure workers are safe and dry.

That’s why we’re making an ongoing commitment to trail organizations across Canada. TrailSafe is:

  • Offering a 10% discount to non-profit organizations
    • Send us your name, the name of your organization, your website and your society, incorporation or charitable registration number and we’ll give you 10% off. It’s that easy. (Note: the non-profit discount cannot be combined with any other offer.)
  • Donating a portion of sales to volunteer trail projects across Canada. Stay tuned to nominate your favourite trail or organization!